Reflexology in Bromley

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a treatment last?
A treatment lasts roughly an hour.

How many treatments will I need?
It is recommended to have at least 3 treatments at weekly intervals, although the average for a course is 6-8 treatments. However, even if you can only afford one treatment, you will still benefit from this.

Does it tickle/hurt?
If you have areas of imbalance, these reflexes may feel tender on the feet. However, it shouldn't be actively painful. If the feeling is too intense then do let me know and I can adjust the pressure. I find that even people who usually have ticklish feet do not find the treatment ticklish!

Are there any side effects?
After treatment you may experience some of the following reactions: tiredness, heightened emotions, runny nose, disrupted/deep sleep, vivid dreams, headaches, increased discharge. These are perfectly normal and are actually a good thing! They are known as 'healing crises' and show that toxins are being removed from the body and the body is healing itself.

Will reflexology cure me?
Reflexology does not claim to cure. However, it can stimulate the body's own healing power and can re-balance the body.

What if you are disgusted by my feet?
This is probably the question/statement I hear the most often - people are always apologising for their feet! I can promise you that I am yet to find a pair of feet that I am disgusted by! I would be in the wrong profession if I found feet at all unpleasant so please don't worry or feel embarrassed! All I ask is that if you have a verucca, please put a small plaster over it - not because I am disgusted by it, but purely because they can be contagious.

What if I fall asleep?
It will be a huge compliment if you do! Again, people often worry about snoring or their tummy gurgling as they relax. Please don't worry - all of it is totally normal and happens to everyone! As I say, if you fall asleep it means I am doing my job properly!

Should I stop taking the medicine my doctor prescribed me?
Absolutely not! Reflexology should complement any treatment you are receiving from medical professionals not replace it. Beware of any complementary practitioner who tells you otherwise. It is worth mentioning to your health care professional that you are having reflexology, but always follow their advice.

Do you offer gift vouchers?
Yes I do. I can offer vouchers for any occasion!

Do you do any discounts/special offers?
Yes, a block of 6 treatments is £285 which works out as a saving of 5% (when paid in advance).

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